Do you remember the girl?

Amir Khan but the father of the girl. Aamir Khan and Rina Dutt couple two sons, son Junaid and daughter Ira. In December 2002, Aamir Khan ended his marriage with Rina Dutt. Then there is Junaid and Ira of the mother. But the two of these children were not heard on the face of Aamir Khan. Both of the boys are now grown up. In the meantime, the son kept Junaid near him. It is known that Aamir Khan has associated the son with his production company. Junaid is helping Baba in various ways. Aamir Khan, who took part in the inauguration ceremony of a restaurant in Mumbai, was present in Iraq.
Aamir Khan was suddenly caught busy with the children leaving the former wife! After the ending of the marriage with Rina Dutt, she was not seen to take any significant event with her children. Nor was it heard to say anything about children in an interview. No one can remember that children have traveled around the country or the country with their children. Then, Amir Khan is bringing forward the context of childhood, standing with the girl in front of the camera, hugging the girl and adoring her!

Reported that on December 31, Amir Khan has promised something for the new year. Posted by Twitter on the last day of the year. There he promised, spend more time with the children in the new year. The child just does not think of Kiran Rao and her son Azad Rao Khan, as well as the words of Junaid and Ira. Amir Khan is now 53 She is at the top of the career. The shortcomings that everybody feels, they all have Amir Khan. But not everyone gets love from children, so do not get it. Aamir Khan He has deprived himself of receiving this absolute one.
After seeing the pictures of Amir Khan with Ira in the restaurant in Mumbai, she commented that after many years, the father was seen with the girl. But for the girl that her love is still strong, it looks quite clear.


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