Desperate Netflix to win Oscar!

The 91st Academy Awards or Oscar Awards will be held
Netflix has been gradually threatened for Hollywood box office-centric images for several years. The online video streaming website can cost a lot of money by spending a lot of money on this website in a world of entertainment. There is a great collection of tastes and series. So if a customer wants more entertainment at a lower cost, he does not have the option of Netflix. Hollywood producers just eat in this place. So once they started saying that Netflix photos are not developed in the artistic direction. When the debate began with this complaint, critics would say- Show Oscar if it is so good! Now Netflix wants to win this challenge.
Analysts say Netflix has been considering the Oscar nomination as a 'primary victory'. They are desperate to win Oscar. Netflix has been able to fight the romance of the film. Black and white image costing $ 15 million But the costume of this film is worth 25 million US online video streaming authority! It can be speculated, Netflix likes to taste Oscars to win the Oscars.
On February 24th. The Oscar nomination list has already been released. Oscar nomination for the first time Netflix's photo 'Roma' Although nomination allows history, Netflix does not want to stop. This online video streaming website looks to write a new history winning Oscar.

'Roma' is a Spanish language film. Along with that, this photo directed by Alfonsho Kuwaran has set a new record. The film received the highest number of 10 categories in foreign language category. Roma has also been nominated for Best Picture and Best Director and Best Director. The director is the creator of this photo of his life. The film has been nominated in 10 categories, of which four are related to the director's achievement. Alfonso Kuurn is the producer, screenwriter and cinematographer of this film.
The concerned people say Netflix is ​​running to be the best picture. It is said, the most expensive campaign for the Oscars season has been started for Roma. Netflix is ​​spreading widespread publicity among those who will vote for the Academy Awards. Giving is a 200 page book and hand made chocolate. Netflix is ​​spending $ 70,000 for Roma's advertising campaign on CBS's morning news campaign.

Rome's story about the life of a domestic worker in Mexico in 1970. Yalitza Aparihio of Mexico has been nominated as one of the best actresses in this film. Popular Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has been appointed to speak Roma. Jolie praised Apariyoho for the first time in a ceremony.

But the interesting thing is, how much Roma has become popular - nobody can say that! Because, in order to qualify for the Oscars nomination, the film was released in a very limited form for a short period of time. Netflix has never reported the exact number of visitors who can view this picture. So, if the critics are appreciated, the picture has been hit or flop-there is no way to say it.

Nominations for 15 awards have been nominated for this year's Oscars. Netflix has been investing for the Oscars in the film last year for a few years. From that account, the buyers of the Alfonsho Kuwran are interested in the film. Because of the experience of winning Oscars, Kuwaran has the experience. He operated the Space Thriller 'Gravity' and won the Golden Trophy in the 2014 edition. So the choice of choosing him is very simple.

Earlier, in the year 2013, Emmy won the Nobel Prize in the same way as the promotion of Netflix. The trump card of this organization was one of the most popular series 'House of Cards'. Netflix won a number of Emmy Awards that year.
Analysts say Netflix was once unpopular in online video streaming market. Now that situation is not there. Major organizations such as Amazon Prime, Warner Media, Disney, have challenged the challenge. In this situation, Netflix wants to retain its customers to win prestigious awards. At the same time, to attract new customers, the company wants to use these awards.

Promoting Roma is going on. Netflix does not want to stop. They have extended their hands to another Oscars director Ron Howard. Ron won the best director for the film 'A Beautiful Mind'. Netflix has agreed to spend $ 45 million for its new picture. It is said that the company has not been able to salvage the Pearl Barrel Dollar to win the prize.

It seems that the Oscars will not stop Netflix. Oscar who want them!

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