Depp has not beaten former wife

Hollywood star Johnny Depp has not beaten former wife Recently some of the evidence he presented in the court. Apart from this, he has also filed a lawsuit in the name of a UK newspaper to write down his name in the name of Utopopalta. 'Pirates of the Caribbean' starred in the former wife Amber Hard's case. By reducing the work of the film, he is going to be able to recover the quality of his life.

In an article in The Sun, UK newspaper Johnny Depp mentions 'Bau Pateano' actor. The star of the Hollywood star On May 21, 2016, she threw a phone call to her face or beat her face. He complained himself the hard way Johnny is still fighting against the charge. Recently deputy lawyer Adam Waldman told E-News that we have presented some evidence, where it has been clarified that Johnny Depp did not touch his wife. There are also statements of some of those who did not see any injury marks in Amber's body.
On the other hand, Johnny Depp says, "San has published a one-page article. I do not have any words there. But instead of writing it bigger than what has not happened, I insulted him. "The hearing of the case against Sanan next month.

In 2015, Hollywood star Johnny Depp and Amber Hard was married. The next year of marriage started their homicide. Amber hardly wants to end the 15-month-long hunger strike case. They got divorced in 2017.
Source: Hindustan Times


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