Democrats win the trump

After the 35-day continuous work, the activities of the federal government of the United States have started again. On Friday, President Donald Trump announces the completion of this work and signed a law. The Democrats have won the trump by acknowledging this decision.

So much so that President Trump has said that if he does not allocate 5.7 billion dollars for the wall with Mexico, he will not sign a proposal to stop the shutdown of a section of the federal government. Instead of putting pressure on the face two days ago, he said that at the moment, the whole five billion will run, but the allocation of the big advance - the 'down payment' in the language of trump - he wants.
In response, the Democrats had said that they have no objection to talking about border security. But before the other, the work is to be finished. Their proposal was that, while temporarily, government activities should be opened, then starting the discussion with other security, including border security.

Finally, Trump did the right thing. On the 35th day of the work, in a declaration from the Rose Garden of the White House, the US President said, he is reopening governmental activities. He is giving Republican and Democratic Party leaders three weeks time, during this time they will try to reach a acceptable solution. He is not acceptable to him - if any such decision is taken, he may impose the post of the commission. Or substitute an emergency as an alternative.

On the basis of the proposal, ending the trump, the expenditure for three weeks has been ensured for different government departments, but there is no money for trump walls. The leaders of both parties in Congress have given time till 15 February. They will immediately take a plan acceptable to everyone on border security question.

The longest in America's history is the end of this work, everyone has breathed a sigh of relief. Immediately raised the question that the work that could be done 35 days ago, instead of eight lakh people, why did the trump in such suffering? A similar proposal was accepted in the Senate before the start of the work. Trump was initially agreed on the proposal. But in the face of strong criticism of conservative commentators, he changed his mind.

There are two reasons for a change like a trump. First of all, many people inside his party were pressuring him to finish the work. On Thursday, six Republican Senators voted for a proposal to end the Democrats-sponsored work in Senate. It was unexpected to the tramp. On the same day, in a meeting with Vice President Mike Pence, Republican leaders demanded immediate end of the work. They told Pens that due to lack of salary for more than a month, humanitarian disaster has come down for federal employees. Widespread widespread public life. Crisis is taking place due to the absence of security personnel at airports.

Another reason, most of the people in the country were guilty of the trump for the crisis. In the latest opinion polls, the support of Trump has reached just 37 percent. 71 percent of the people said that they are against the border guard.

There is no doubt, how Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi played a key role in the end of the post-questioning stand, thanks to trump favors. The way Trolp tricked him, many of them gave Palosís a new name, 'Laohamani'. Democrat Senator Chuck Schmumer said, should not suspect the speaker's power in spite of anyone. Trump has got the lessons better now. Pelosi, however, thanked Trump for agreeing to the end of the post, instead of winning the conclave. Immediately said, 'I hope everyone will take lessons from this event. It is possible to achieve a solution. He is optimistic about that. '

Trump has said that he did not change the position of the wall at all. His once loyal supporters did not agree with that. Conservative commentator Anne Coolter trumped the name "Chinkhadunne" and said, "So much so that we used to call George W. Bush the country's number one number. From now on he took Donald Trump.

On the other hand, acknowledging the success of Trump in liberal newspapers, Democrats have been identified as a big win. Political journal Politiko wrote that it was 'full surrender' of the trump. Michael Tomsky, the famous commentator of Daily Beast Web magazine, said, "How trump a woman plays in a nagging voice at the speaker, then no doubt, how stupid and deceitful this person is!"


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