Dad is sick, son will change the ring?

Bollywood star Rishi Kapoor, who is being treated outside the country, Under this condition, son Ranbir Kapoor is going to replace his lover Alia Bhatt with a ring! Many people in Bollywood are shocked at the news. High enthusiasts have started, "Do not you have any chance of Ranbir?" Why should they be engaged in this year? '

Ranbir Kapoor's close source said that the news of Bagdan's spread has not been true. They are not fighting fast soon. Their attention rather than anywhere else. The sources said that Ranbir and Alia took their relationship very seriously. They want to go to a new result soon. But at the moment, the most important thing to them at the moment is to return to Ranbir's father Rishi Kapoor's full recovery. Ranbir and Alia, who will return to the road to form the yard The news of their Baghdan spread in June was rumored.
Ranbir's family friend said, "Ranbir took the relationship very seriously. We have not seen him before working so close to the relationship. Alia has also become an important member of Ranbir's family. He is maintaining a personal relationship with everyone in the house. Even Rishi Kapoor, who is being treated in the United States, is taking regular inquiries.

Ranbir's family friend said that he is going to change the ring so fast, why? Together they only made a picture (Brahmastra). Do not see eye pain in the shooting set to see each other? Want to come closer now?

References: Deccan Chronicle


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