Chelsea win the nerve-wracking final

Tottenham Hotspur players can pamper their forehead. The team is looking for a big trophy for 11 years. The chance of getting to the final of the EPL Cup was in front of the team. Chelsea seized it! Seasonal Cup tournament from the semi-finals of the last three seasons to chase, it feels good tomorrow? Tottenham players are not so good at this time.

Chelsea is sure to stay away from the end of the day. There is no chance of winning their league title this time. On the first leg of this tournament, he was beaten by Touentham 1-0 in the 1-0 defeat by the Maurizio Rory team. Chelsea would have to face the returning to the home ground. They went on to win the 2-1 goal returning leg, but the match was made by the tiebreaker. In the last digit of the nerve finals, the two teams make two matches to equalize 2-2 goals. Chelsea win the tiebreaker 4-2 in the final, and then in the final.

Eric Diy and Lucas Moore could not make two shot for Tottenham Diyar has sent the ball over the goalpost. And Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Ariijalaga, who kept the shots of Moura Chelsea saw the face of the 15th finals in all 16 years in all competitions. Their opponent in the final on February 24, Manchester City of Pep Guardiola


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