Chelsea will sell 100 million hazards?

Half of the football season has passed, football fans eyes are now stuck in points table. But January's movements were forced to move away from others. Because there may be many more surprises this month. English club Chelsea have announced that if Eden Hazard wants to go to Real Madrid, they have no objection. But for this reason, the real tech will be emptied, because the figure is about 100 million pounds.

For the last few years, the buzz after a few days, this meant that Hazard Chelsea left. Although big clubs have an interest, Hazard has repeatedly told Rael to play in the interest. But at the end there was no place left of Hazard and Chelsea. Real and Chelsea's position in this season is the same. There are two teams in the league's fourth place. With the aim of winning the title, the team could depend on the change in January to change the situation.

Chelsea have 17 months to complete the contract. If you do not have a new contract soon, you will fall under the free transfer. And that would not necessarily be the English club. Chelsea coach Marcio Rory has said in the past month that there is no scope to delay Hazard's future. If he does not stay in the team, and if he does not, then who will be taken into the team as all the equations. However, it is certain that you will want to keep all the attacks planned around Hazard at any given price. And it is almost impossible to give up the best player of the team in January. But The Telegraph says they have tagged 100 million pounds of tag without seeing the interest of Real Madrid in Hazard.

The winger had heard of Real's coming after Hazard's superb performance in the World Cup. After the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, the need for a big star was needed. Real, however, wants to play without any proven goal scorer. Their delicate conditions in La Liga (10 points behind Barcelona) are saying that strengthening the team has become essential for Los Blancos. It is understandable that in the Champions League, it would be difficult to pass a knockout round.

After the World Cup, Chelsea have scored 12 goals in the middle of the jersey. The other has scored 10 goals. After watching this form in Hazard, Real now does not drag him into the team, but maybe the white jersey will never be put on the hazard.


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