Canadian death penalty in China

A Chinese court yesterday ordered a Canadian man to be executed on Monday. The sentence was given for smuggling drugs.

According to the Reuters report, the death penalty awarded to a Canadian citizen could be further deteriorating diplomatic relations between China and Canada.

Canadian name Robert Lloyd Shellenberg found the death penalty. In November of last year, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He appealed against this sentence.

Shelleyberger's sentence was increased in the death penalty. Dalian Intermediate People's Court of Liaoning Province in China gave the verdict. In the verdict, the court said that the sentence awarded to Sheelenberg (15 years in prison) for drug smuggling was very low compared to his crime. So this court has extended its sentence to death.

In a statement in the court, it is reported that appearing in the Liaoning High Court within ten days of the death sentence delivered by Sheldenberg Roy.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has alleged that China is unjustly misusing the death penalty.

Canada's relationship with China is not going well. The relationship between the two of the two countries has deteriorated on December 1, when Huawei's Chief Finance Officer Mein Wenzhu was arrested in Canada. Many Canadian citizens were arrested in China for this incident.

After the death of Sheldonbourg, China's relations with Canada can be more bitter.


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