'Black Panther' going forward in the Oscars?

Since the beginning of the year, Western Sinojet Oscars have begun to match different types of accounts. The beginning of the account is from the Golden Globe Award. After that, the speed of the race increased to Oscar nomination. Oscar-race has started this year too The Hollywood picture Black Panthera is set in the nomination phase. Seven nominations have been received. The Screen Actors Guild Award won an important section in the Oscars and took a little forward to the Black Panther.

Last Sunday night (Monday, Monday, Monday morning) at the US Department of Labor audition in Los Angeles, 25th Screen Actors Guild Award. The film won the award in the most important section of the evening, 'Outstanding Performance by a Cast in Motion Picture' (the outstanding performance of artists in full length films). Apart from this, the film has won the award in 'Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Unsamble in a Motion Picture' (outstanding contribution to the feature film in full length).
Raimi Malik won the Best Actor Award for the Screen Actors Guild at Raimi owner for Bohemian Rhapsody. He has previously won the Golden Globe. Bafata and Oscar nomination And won Best Actress Award for Glenn Close, The Wife. He has also won the Golden Globe before. Like the Rami, the nominations of the BAFTA and Oscars have been received. The past statistics show that, actors and actresses who won the Sera award in Screen Actors Guild Awards, have a chance to win the Oscars, about 70 percent. Rami and Glenn are very much ahead.

In the television section was the triumph of 'The Marvelous Mrs Miezel' series. It won the Cerber Award in three categories. Source: AFP


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