Billy Zane in the role of Marlon Brando

Another Hollywood actor Billy Zane will star in the role of Marlon Brando, another Hollywood actor Billy Jain. In independent film Walsing With Brando, he will be seen in the film. The image will be created on the basis of memorabilia written by the famous architect Bernard Jazz.

Billy Jane himself will produce the film. He will also star in the role of Marlon Brando. Image of Bernard Jazz's 2011 memoir Walshing with Brando: Planing a Paradise in Tahiti. Although who will play the role of Jazz, it is not yet known. Write the script of Bill Fisherman He has the responsibility of managing his own hands. It is not known who else will be in the film. Fisherman and Billy will work together in this film after the 1993 film Western Pose.

Willing with Brando will be seen in Hollywood in the period 1969 and 1974. During this time, Marlon Brando is preparing for acting in his famous movie, Goddard and Last Tango in Paris. Jazz's relationship days with Brando will be shown in the picture. Producing sources said the shooting of the film will begin this year.


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