Big Screen Barbie Doll

If you look at the pictures of 'Suicide squad', 'I, Tania' and 'Marie Queen of Scots', then Hollywood star Margaret Robi's performance skills can be understood. The Australian actress will now play the popular Barbie Doll in the world. But not the doll, the name is arranged with the character of the blood and the name is not a final picture.

Margaret Roby, 28, sees the acting as a Barbie dolle as a self-confidence, curiosity and sharing. He said, 'I am honored with this character's hand. I believe, we can have a very positive impact among children and adolescents around the world. The doll has inspired inspiration to imagine herself as the president of children's princess.

Mattel, the manufacturer of Warner Bros. and Barbie Doll's inventor doll, has joined hands with the production of Luckypot Entertainment, a marketing company, with a robust robot production company. But the story of the film, who will manage and when will be released, nothing is yet to be announced.

Warner Bros. spokesman Toby Emeryick said, "Oscar nominated Margot Robi is the perfect producer and actress to present the new and relevant big screen in Barbie."
After the initiative to create a picture with Barbie Doll in 2017, it was heard that Comedian Amy Zumar would be acting. Cheered in January last year, Ann Hathaway will be Barbie. In October of the year, it is known that Olivia Milch, the screenwriter of "Ocean's Eighth" will correct the film's screenplay.

The matel made Barbie doll was first opened in New York Doll's fair in March 1959. This doll has several TV shows and animated pictures in Hollywood. There are films in the series 'Toy Story'. Scandinavian band Aquarium song "Barbie Girl" was received in 1997 by Barbie for hearing around the world.


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