Barcelona responded in such a way

In the second leg of the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey against Sevier, Barcelona won 6-1 goals. Kutinah has scored two goals. Rakitich, Sergio Roberto, Luis Suarez and Messi scored one goal each. Seaway made the only goal of the asteroid.

 In the first leg of the Copa del Rey quarter-finals, Barcelona lost to Sevier Field by 2-0 goals. On Wednesday night at the NU camp revenge of the Catalan! Although it was not said to anyone. But the game that they play with Sevaya can be said more!
Messi-Suarez-Kutinohora was sitting in the goal of catching Sevea in his fortress. Semi-finals 6-4 in the advancement of 6-3 goals by ensuring the semifinals of the Valverd's disciples. Barcelona explained, they responded this way!

In the first leg, betrayed by betting his best disciples against Sevilla, Valverde. I did not do that anymore. The best students of the field have dropped. The revenge of the Guru's trust has filled the two hands of the disciples.

Messi earned the penalty in the first half. However, he did not take the first leg of the game against Sevilla and did not get the penalty shot. In the 13th minute, Kutinah scored the ball with a penalty. After the first half of the 31st minute Ivan Rakichitake increased the gap between the hosts. Sevia also got the chance to get back to this gap. But if fortune is bad, then it is ...! Sequia gets Peak Foil penalty Barca goalkeeper Silessen jumped the left-handed shot
Barcelona started the second half In the 53rd minute, the Brazilian midfielder's extraordinary headlines scoreline 3-0 to Spanish giants Roberto became the cause of Seaway's sadness not to end the celebration of the goal. In the 54th minute, Roberto scored the ball with Messi's extended ball going into the scoreline 4-0.

After that, the host wants to retain a bit. Lack of play too. Sevya exploits the opportunity. Array's goal was reduced in the 67th minute, but it was just a matter of consolation for Sevier. Because the fixed-time fleeting market one minute before the ball was tossed in Barcelona's Uruguayan star Luis Suarez. Jardy Alba found out of the wonderful cross, he was trapped in the trap, Suarez caught in the trap.

Everyone round But Messi? Why will he be dropped! At the time of joining, the Argentine Gellazzle sent Barcelona home on the coffin of the coffins and sent them home.
Valencia and Real Betis have already passed the semester tickets. Catalans aboard the train on the Semi train. Now one more team waiting. Who will be in the last four-Real Madrid or Zirona? It will be known only after today's match.


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