Anil Kapoor is ill

Bollywood star Anil Kapoor has taken a shoulder stance. Germany has to run fast for medical treatment But this time, you can not move from India. Because he is taking part in the full release of his new picture 'Ek Ladki Koi Aaaasa Lagha' in the campaign waiting for the release.

Anil Kapoor has been suffering from 'calceifiction of shoe' for a long time. Stant's drill and heartbreaking role and the pressure of the posterity of one of the pictures has caused him a stroke. He said he would go to Germany after the release of the pictures in April. Germany's star sports physician. He has taken time with Hans Ulheim Muller Ulfert. Dr. Hans is treating all the star players including the national football team of Germany. Because of ankle pain, Anil Kapoor once became ill so ill that he was not as comfortable as a walk. At that time he consulted Hanes.
Sonam Kapoor, Rajkumar Rao and Juhi Chawla, Anil Kapoor's picture, 'Ek Ladki ko aisaa aisaa laga' is coming February 1. The film was directed by Shelley Chopra Dhar and produced by Bidu Vinod Chopra. Anil Kapoor will be seen again on February 23 in the film 'Total Dhamal' waiting for the release.
Source: Bollywood Hungama


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