Alia and Ranbir's wedding voices

Betaon starts the wedding festival Almost every day, there is a news of a Bollywood starter after the news of Bitauen's sky-in air. Farhan-Sibani, Arjun-Malaika, Arbaz-Georgia, after the marriage of another romantic couple wedding news has been reported It is heard that, in the meantime, preparations for the marriage of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have started.

Ranbir-Aliya doing the same since last year. They came to each other during the shooting of the film 'Brahmastra' of Ayon Mukherjee. Already it is known that Alia and Ranbir's family also have the consent of their marriage. Even the family of both of them started preparations for marriage or not. It is heard that in June this year Bollywood's most popular stars will be blessed. The family of both of them made such a decision. And at the end of the year this Bollywood romantic couple will be tied to seven.
Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor recently returned from New York to Mumbai after celebrating the new year. Alia has spent the early years of the new year with Ranbir's family. Their New Year celebrations have become viral in social media. The film also stars Ranbir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Nitu Kapoor, daughter Riddimima Kapoor, Jamai Bharat Sahani, Alia with Natya Samarra. At this time, Ranbir's sister Riddhima gave a ring to Aliya. The ring is written in 'AR'. Prior to this, Riddhima gave the diamond jewelery bracelet to Ali. If everything is okay, this year Bollywood will be witness to a royal wedding.
Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are now busy shooting their next film 'Brahmastra'. The film is about to be released on December 20 this year.


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