7 years Amir-Juhi did not say why

Amir Khan and Juhi Chawla are one of the super hit pairs in Bollywood. In the 80's and the nineties, the star was given a number of celebrated movies like 'Humor Hey Rahi Pyaar Ke', 'Humor Rai Pyaar Ke', 'The Resurrection', 'The Resurrection', 'The Rise of Love'. But the surprise is that, after seven years, Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla did not talk to each other for the screen! And this is what Amir Khan himself said.

Recently, Aamir Khan gave this information on personal life in an event organized on the occasion of 'Rubaru Roshni', a documentary made from his own production company. During the shooting of 'Ishq' movie, 'Dangal' actor said that there was a conflict between small issues. It was actually a very little thing, but I was very arrogant. So I decided not to talk to Zuheer. Not only that, while shooting, I kept a certain distance from him. I do not know why I did that.

During this time, Amir further said, "Whenever Judy came to me somewhere, I would immediately move from there to the other side. It was about 50 feet away to settle down. He would never give a reply when he said goodbye. Only during the shooting we used to be one and talk. But it was only from professionalism.
Amir said, "We have not talked for nearly six to seven years. But when Juhi and Rana (Aamir's first wife) get to know about divorce, then I want to call them. Juhi was very close to me and Rina so he tried to solve it. After several days I did not call Juhir, but he would regularly call me. In fact, at the time, I understand that friendship can never be ruined for a small reason. Very good relations between us, we keep a lot of attention to each other.


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