7 dead in Brazil collapse collapse, many disappearances

At least seven people died in Brazil's collapse of iron ore mining in Brazil. Hundreds of people disappeared. Many homes and cars are buried. This incident happened Friday in Brumdinho area in the southeastern Brazilian Minas Jarice state.

Today's BBC News reports on Saturday, the barbed-offs of the dam collapsed in the rural areas of Brumdininho. The emergency rescue team has rescued the trapped people through a helicopter.

There are many workers missing in the missing. They were having lunch at the cafeteria of the dam. They read the matschapa.
Three years ago, in another town of Minas Gerais, there was a similar obstacle in the city. At that time, 19 people were killed.

The obvious reason for this collapse is why the dam owned by the biggest mining company in Brazil is missing. The dam was built in 1976. This is one of the more dams in the area. The mine collected from the mine was kept in the dam.

According to Vald's information, the capacity of the dam is 12 million cubic meters. But the dam was in vain for three years.

The destruction of the dam has not yet been known.

The disaster that broke out in the embankment spread over the villas in Brasilia.
Bromindinho Mayor Avimara de Mello said on the local television channel Globnews that the incident was so casual that detailed information was not available. Now the main task is to find the missing people.

Meanwhile, there are 100 rescue workers in rescue operation Today, more than 100 people will join the work.

On Twitter, Brazilian President Jean Boulosnaro said it was a 'serious tragedy' incident. He can visit the venue today.

Ministers of environment, mineral and energy and regional development affairs are visiting the site.

During the accident, there were 300 crew members.

Valo Chief Executive Fabio Shourajman said the incident was tragic, and said that a German firm was given the responsibility to monitor the condition of the dam. The report said in September that the dam situation was stable.


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