51 year pregnant Kidman?

Hollywood star Nicole Kidman pregnant! This incident of pregnancy at the age of 51 is surprising, but not impossible. A woman journalist said she saw Kidman in the Golden Globes Awards ceremony on 7th of this month, according to a woman journalist. But it is not known officially from this star.

Fairy James, a Australian woman journalist, told Nicole Kidman that she was pregnant. Because he did not eat anything that evening. Even the alcohol did not touch. He was accompanied by husband singer Keith Urban. She did not allow her to hide her eyes for a moment. According to sources, Keith Urban wants to know Kidman repeatedly whether he needs something or not. Several times he was told to say, 'eat something? Drink a little? 'Although the call was not strong enough.
It is being speculated that Kidman did not receive any alcohol at the ceremony because the intestines had an obligation to drink alcohol. At the Golden Globes Awards, Nicole Kidman did drink a little water.
There is nothing to be surprised if Nicole Kidman is pregnant. Because the child is about his interest. The mother of four children said that she did not object to getting more children. "I would like to have more children," replied Nicole Kidman in reply to Hu's magazine's question. "The number of children is not really anything, the real thing is we can not take them properly. But I am fine with the family. '
Meanwhile, the mother of four children Nicole Kidman While having a former husband, Tom Cruise, adopted Isabella and Connor. The age of two is 25 and 23 years respectively. Artist Keith Araban has 10 years of his childhood Sunday and seven years of Faye Margarette. New Idea


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