3 times canceled US visa, uncertain Mexican actor on the Oscars

Actor George Antonio Guerrero Martiniz has filed three nominations for the US Visa for the 91st Oscars. But this Mexican actress's visa has been canceled three times by the US authorities. So it is uncertain to be going to Oscars.

Martínez believes that Mexico's anti-tragedy is behind the visa cancellation. It is learned that this year's Oscars will be held on February 24 in Los Angeles's Dolby Theater. But Netflex authorities are now trying to get Martinez's visa.

Mexican actors Martiniz submitted the application for the first time with the invitation of the producers. But the authorities did not read his application or did. Second time he applied as a 'Work Visa'. Then he has been informed that he is not going there for work, going to the ceremony. So his visa application was returned. Third time, he was treated with intense roles in the interview.

Martinez was also invited to the Golden Globe Award ceremony. But he could not attend the meeting because he could not get a visa. Golden Globe won two awards, 'Roma.'
The Oscar has won 10 nominations for Roma. Yalitza Aparcio also played the lead role in this movie. He is the first indigenous woman to be nominated in the best actress category and recorded.


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