13 million of the price, forgot sold to the lac!

Any work can be wrong. That's so big a mistake! Taka 13.5 million taka sold only for a hundred and a half million! Not even one, some

This mistake has happened in Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific Airlines. Biman's first-class ticket company wrongly sold it for an economy class. But the company did not make mistakes, but the passengers of the ticket were poyabaro. The fortunes of the fortunate passengers can be used to recover the first-class comfortable journey for the economy class ticket.
Today's BBC News online said Monday that the incident happened with renting a flight from Portugal to Hong Kong. And in the last one month, the second time rented a mistake, Cathay Pacific made the mistake. Cathay Pacific, from Hong Kong to Portugal, usually fares for the first class for 16 thousand dollars (more than Tk 13.45 lakh). But on Sunday, the company went wrong on the website of the ticket economy of one thousand 512 dollars (one hundred and 27 thousand taka) to sell.

Cathay Pacific said, they are investigating the issue of error. However, they are properly respected by the passengers who got the first class ticket by mistake.

In a statement, the company said that very few passengers bought these tickets. They are ready to welcome the passengers for premium service.

Two weeks ago, the company made the same mistake by renting the rent. The first class $ 16,000 ticket was sold for only $ 675 from Vietnam to New York flights. At that time the company acknowledged it as wrong and said that they are welcoming the passengers.


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