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Making a movie without superheroes is difficult - Tim Roth

Actor Tim Roth believes that film making is hard to create without the superhero in Hollywood. He himself has played an important role in the movie Marvel Cinematical Universe (MCU), 'The Incredible Hulk'. "I had a big brown monster - he had no cloak," he said about the character Emil Bønski alias The Abomination in the film.
Roth is again seen as the undercover police detective Jim Worth in the 'Teen Star' TV series, Becomes a man like Hyde. At that time, Roth said that she did not have much interest in playing a TV series when she came to the script of the British-Canadian series. He said, "There were several scripts in my hands, all I felt was bad. And it attracts me. At first I understood where it will go. "In 2009, Rite played the role of Cal Lightman in the TV drama 'Lime Me'; Cal can understand his mind by seeing the gesture of the person.

Sonam has been accused of harassment against Hirani

Last year, after Bollywood, Bollywood started 'm to' storm. In the same sequence, sexual harassment accusations against Bollywood's first-time director Rajkumar Hirani. However, Rajkumar Hirani said these charges are baseless.

Sonam Kapoor recently opened the face of the sexual harassment against Hirani. He said, 'I do not want to give any verdict now. I respect director Hirani as a great filmmaker and a man. '

It is to be noted that a female worker of Hirani this month alleged that she had been subjected to harassment several times by Hirani in the set of 'Sanju' photo. Many news celebrities were surprised to see that the celebrities come forward. Many people questioned the authenticity of such allegations against Hirani.

Saif Ali Khan step away from father Saif ali khan

After 'Simba', 'Love Aaj Tak Tu' was also about to play with father Saif Ali Khan, Sarah Ali Khan was supposed to star in. Directed by Imtiaz Ali, he was the finalist in the film opposite actor Karthik Arian. But Sarah did not say that she will not act in this movie.

According to Indian media, there is no objection to working with Saif Ali Khan. He did not like the stories of 'Aaj Tak Tu'. That is why he made it clear that he will not act in that movie. When Saif Ali Khan was asked about this, he said, "Nowadays, do not do it". Saif said that his daughter had already made that decision a few days ago.

The girl also opened her mouth with her father. He said that he has the desire to work with his father. However, he did not like the story of this movie because he has stepped away from the project. But soon hope to be able to share the screen with the same movie with Baba, Sarah Ali Khan also hoped.

Deepika's 'Chairperson of Film Festival'

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has set trends in the industry. He is going to hit a six by one after the other. Deepika, who has just played dance and drama in 'Bajirao Mastani'

The DVA is showing magic on the silver screen for 10 years. Due to the hero's role in the film industry, he got more money than the protagonist. Deepika Padukone added another feather to her

Deepika Padukone is the chairperson of 'Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image' or 'Mamie'. Amir Khan's wife Kiran Rao was the chairperson of 'Mami'. Deepika was appointed at the place. Deepika has been appointed for the next four years.

Summer warming in winter

Summer preparations for the winter is like preparing hot 'Lakme Fashion Summer Resort 2019'. The small and big, nomadic designers of India present at this time to introduce fashion trends in the next summer. This is the fashion festival of Mumbai, which started on Wednesday in the Geo Gardens. The five-day event will be organized by the designers next summer clothing store. But on Tuesday night, Lacm Fashion Week was started by designer Gourb Gupta Shore.

The beginning of this festival was a little exceptional. Generally, the festivities start with the new style. This event started with the famous designer Gaurav Gupta's designed clothing show. On Tuesday night, designer Gaurav Gupta showcases her dress. In drama, dance, fancy visual field, this arrangement gives him another level. Tackled, dripped and folded skirt, asymmetric mini, embroidery gown, sari-gown, neo sarees, various types of jackets, and 3D app skirt, are going to bring many glory for the upcoming summer gir…

Running a former lover

The secret of Amitabh Bachchan and line is not just rumor, it was as true as the light of day and beautiful. However, romantic relationships between the two of Bollywood actresses shocked billions of people. That love of youth has died but today? Why did the former boyfriend ran away after seeing Amitabh? He is not Amitabh, his body is seen! Recently, Bollywood's longtime actress Rekha appeared on the unveiling of the calendar of India's famous photographer, Dabu Ratani. She stood in front of her camera, she was behind the pictures of several stars dressed up. Suddenly the line seemed to see what I saw behind! When he returned to see Amitabh's picture, he ran towards the opposite direction.

For those who do not know, it is necessary to keep them informed, the love of Rekha-Amitabh started in 1976 in 'Do Anjan' from the film shooting set. At that time Amitabh married Jaya Bachchan. That's why Amitabh left the issue of love completely Amitabh No one was injured …

Anil Kapoor is ill

Bollywood star Anil Kapoor has taken a shoulder stance. Germany has to run fast for medical treatment But this time, you can not move from India. Because he is taking part in the full release of his new picture 'Ek Ladki Koi Aaaasa Lagha' in the campaign waiting for the release.

Anil Kapoor has been suffering from 'calceifiction of shoe' for a long time. Stant's drill and heartbreaking role and the pressure of the posterity of one of the pictures has caused him a stroke. He said he would go to Germany after the release of the pictures in April. Germany's star sports physician. He has taken time with Hans Ulheim Muller Ulfert. Dr. Hans is treating all the star players including the national football team of Germany. Because of ankle pain, Anil Kapoor once became ill so ill that he was not as comfortable as a walk. At that time he consulted Hanes.
Sonam Kapoor, Rajkumar Rao and Juhi Chawla, Anil Kapoor's picture, 'Ek Ladki ko aisaa aisaa laga' is com…

Once upon A Time ... In Hollywood Photos that are stirring!

A social network in the social media, the bombs! Once upon a time the album left the new scene, Wans Apne a Time ... in Hollywood star star artists Al Pacino, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Roeby appeared in the sixties Hollywood celebrations. Bellbottom pants, polka dot shirts, Baburi hair-like stars have spread the lights in the voice of the Aunt Ain A Time ... in Hollywood movie directed by Quentin Tarantino. The first statistic of this film was released in June last year. In that illustration, only Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitte were seen. However, this time, on Vanity Fair, Tarantino and his team showed the first glimpse of the picture.
It is said that the film is made up of the story of the Golden Age of the Golden Age. In the background of the controversial Manson Family Murderer of the 1960s, the film was created by Kuantine Tarantino. In the role of Hollywood actress Sharon Tate, Margot Robi, Leonardo DiCaprio as the personality of Rick Dalton, Brad Pitt is a Stantm…

Chelsea went wildly!

AFC Bournemouth has won 4-0 goals against Chelsea in the English Premier League. Joshua King made two goals David Brooks and Charlie Daniel scored one goal each.

Bournemouth did not play in the field. The Chelsea player plays the game in the middle of the EPL points table number 10. Chelsea returned to home with the taste of digested one foursome one by one.

4-4-1-1 in the form of Chelsea in the first half of the first half held in Bournemouth Chelsea were responding well in the 4-3-3 series. Bournemouth was the front-runner, but the counter-attack was counterproductive by Bournemouth. In the game of attack-counter attack the goal was not scored in the first half nor did any team.

In the second half came the hurdle. Whether or not Chelsea got any magical mantra, it is not known. But Bournemouth's players did not know exactly how to bowl the ball. Two minutes from the start of the second half, Chelsea caught the ball in the mouth of Joshua King. King got the ball from the thrust o…

Barcelona responded in such a way

In the second leg of the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey against Sevier, Barcelona won 6-1 goals. Kutinah has scored two goals. Rakitich, Sergio Roberto, Luis Suarez and Messi scored one goal each. Seaway made the only goal of the asteroid.

 In the first leg of the Copa del Rey quarter-finals, Barcelona lost to Sevier Field by 2-0 goals. On Wednesday night at the NU camp revenge of the Catalan! Although it was not said to anyone. But the game that they play with Sevaya can be said more!
Messi-Suarez-Kutinohora was sitting in the goal of catching Sevea in his fortress. Semi-finals 6-4 in the advancement of 6-3 goals by ensuring the semifinals of the Valverd's disciples. Barcelona explained, they responded this way!

In the first leg, betrayed by betting his best disciples against Sevilla, Valverde. I did not do that anymore. The best students of the field have dropped. The revenge of the Guru's trust has filled the two hands of the disciples.

Messi earned the penalty in the f…

British MP jailed for lying

Country of the law! The extent of the crime is not safe even though MP. United States MP Fiona Annasaniya received fictitious ticket for driving a car more than a fixed speed. He used to lie to live a little fine. As a result, he is going to jail now. On Tuesday, the Old Bailey Court of London gave him three months imprisonment.

Fiona Annasaniya was the opposition party Labor Party MP. But the team expelled him after the police charged him for lying. Yet, he remains as a separate MP.
This is the second incident in the United Kingdom for any MP in the last 28 years. Prior to this, in 1991, 373 pounds (about 40 thousand taka) was given a 60-day prison sentence for not giving 'poll tax' to MP Terry Fields.

Judge Stuart Smith said, "You just did not make yourself shorter, those who thought you were an inspirational personality also disappointed. You have reduced your party, your profession and the parliament. '

The incident is in July 2007 Peterborah Sean's MP Annasi…

Trump asked to go to school again

On Tuesday at a US Congressional hearing, the heads of various U.S. intelligence gathered on Tuesday to present their final assessment on global security situation. In this hearing, they said that the IS is still active in Syria and Iraq. North Korea has no interest in the destruction of all its nuclear weapons. And they are in agreement with the fact that Iran has not promised to make nuclear weapons.

President Donald Trump was not present at the congressional hearing. He is very excited to hear his comments on television and commentators of various commentators.
Before the hearing, Trump announced that the IS was defeated in Syria. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has promised to destroy all the nuclear weapons in his country. On the other hand, Iran secretly created nuclear weapons. He is certain about Iran's activities. So he has unilaterally removed the United States from the nuclear deal with Tehran.

The words that Trump repeatedly said, his intelligence chiefs conveyed to t…

Bidhu vinod fascinated by Sonam

Father Anil Kapoor and daughter Sonam Kapoor are acting in the same film for the first time. Bidhu Binod Chopra, who is fascinated by this film, is fascinated by the production of Bidhu Bachod Chopra. Happy to announce Sonam Kapoor in another movie. The movie is a milestone franchise of Bollywood, Munnabhai.

Baba Anil Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor are acting together in the film 'Ek ladki dekha jo esha laga'. There are Juhi Chawla and Raj Kumar Rao. The song and trailer has already been released. One more trailer was left out on Monday. Bidun Binod Chopra Mahakhushi see the acting of this picture. He felt that Sonam Kapoor's performance in the film reminds him of Manisha Koirala. Her productions include Anil Kapoor and Manisha Koirala in '1942: A Love Story'. The name of the picture is kept on the title of a song from the picture. A source from Bidhu Binod Chopra says, "A 1942: A Love Story" by Sonam Kapoor's performance in Aisaaaaaaaaaaaa movie has been r…

kate didn't wants to lose the bet

Katrina Kaif and Aamir Khan betrayed. The bet was the condition that he would say, the defeated man had to do that. The two of them tied two conditions. Aamir agreed on the conditions laid down by Katrina, but Katrina Kaif did not agree on the condition of Amir. Because, he had to be horrified to be horrified by the betrayal. He did not want to take that risk.

The incident last November is November. 'Stary Night Two Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif and Ali Abbas Zafar took part in a talk show 'Oh!' At another time, the relationship between Katrina and Salman is leaked. There, in a video call, Amir said, "I told Katrina, come play chess with me. If you win, I'll do that. And if I win, then you have to sing a song standing in front of Salman Khan's apartment. '
Amir said, "Katrina was interested in losing my temper. He said, then let me practice a little. After playing for a few months at home, I will play. After a few months of playing, he said, "I'm…

Nasiruddin Shah and Aamir Khan are traitors!

The influential leader of the state Swansevak Sangh (RSS), Indresh Kumar, called two veteran actors of India as traitors. He attacked Nasiruddin Shah and Aamir Khan in an intense language. He said, 'They can be good actors, but they are traitors. They are not worthy of any respect. Mir Jafar and Jaysh Chand are very much in line with their behavior and work. "This RSS leader attacked the two Bollywood actors in a recent incident on Monday, the RSS leader said. Alongside, they called them 'traitors'.

Indresh Kumar further said that in India there is now a need of a person like former president APJ Abdul Kalam. After the 26/11 attacks, the surviving terrorist Ajmal Kasab was not like anyone. APJ Abdul Kalam needs a way to show up. Those who walk in the way of Kasab will be considered as traitors.
Earlier, Bollywood's famous actor and dramatist Nasiruddin Shah was criticized for speaking against religious communalism. On December 3 last year, police officer Subodh K…

Lindsay Lohan in The story of werewolf

About six years later, the American actress and singer Lindsay Lohan returned to the film. In the movie 'Among the Shadows', he will have to live in the form of a wolf from several people.

Lindsay Lohan will star in the role of a European President's wife in 'Among the Shadows'. A detective who tried to kill a husband tried to find a murderer was actually a wolf. To survive, people have to drink blood, but they have to drink blood.
The question may arise, whether Lohan will become a wolf in the film? Or will you be killed in a wolf? No media wanted to leak in this regard. Even Cosmopolitan itself ignored the answer to this question.

This is the first picture of Lohan on the big screen after the 2013 'The Canyons' photo. Although he was seen in a number of small television dramas in this long time, he has been seen in several television dramas. He also made a reality show on MTV's Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club.

Lindsay Lohan is working in Hollywood for…

Messi has to hear son's criticism

Argentina and Barcelona footballer Messi achieved a lot of personal and team goals in life. But there are also the failures. It was always difficult to accept the failure of Messi And it's not always like talking about them. But he is a critic, with whom he listens all the criticisms and criticism of this football superstar.
Messi's criticism was not very much a few years ago. But there is no scope to say that it has been very good nowadays. The last Champions League has won in 2015. Last Ballon d'Or win? That was also three years ago. However, there is no doubt about the success of Messi and Messi's success. Failure to suffer from himself, but talking to someone about it is not a great choice. But he has a critic who does not have the opportunity to talk.

Messi's eldest son Thiago Messi is the outstanding critic. And Lionel Messi said that nowadays his father and son regularly discuss everything about their game, "My older son understands football very well …