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Antarctic ice melts will be melted! Warning Scientists

All the ocean waters reached more than 30 feet. Almost the entire surface of the earth went away under the water. The huge ice cream of Antarctica ice melts.

It is not a very distant past. Just a hundred million years ago That's exactly what's going to happen again. The ice cream of the Kumaru is melting very fast. And at that time the water levels of those oceans will rise to 70/80 feet! I mean, about 6/7 floor house is equal!

The difference is just one place. There was no hand of human civilization behind melting the huge ice cream of the Kumaru ice. That was absolutely natural phenomenon And this time the horrific incident is going to happen to us only. Warming. That event can happen within the next 10 or 50 years. At least 70 percent of the danger of submerging the Earth in the 500/700 year (as accurately, 475 years)

A recent study by the Science Science Department of Oregon State University concludes that the horror of the horrific future.
Under the leadership of senior …

9 injured in festival celebrations in Tokyo

Nine people were injured when a person was driving a car fast at people coming to celebrate the anniversary of a popular road in Tokyo's capital Tokyo. One of them is in critical condition. The police and the media said on Tuesday. News AFP

A spokesman for the police said that 21-year-old Kazuhiro Kusakavi, a 21-year-old man, was given a small car in a crowd of people in Takahati Street, Tokyo's fashion district, Harjuku, just 10 minutes before midnight.

The national broadcasting center NHK reported that the Kusaka police told the police that the car was attacked there for killing people. No further details were given in this regard.

The police spokesman told AFP that a college student was seriously injured during the attack. His surgery is being done.

Police said Kusakavi was arrested on charges of attempt to murder.
Local media reported that Kusakaibi hit nine people with his car on that road. Carriage on the road was prohibited due to the crowd of celebrities on the whole …

Kader Khan is no more

The famous Hindi actor Kader Khan (81) has died. He died today in a Canadian hospital. His son Sarfaraz Khan confirmed the death of the news agency PTI. Sarfaraz Khan is in Canada with wife Sushita Kader Khan was also with them for a long time.

Kader Khan was suffering from respiratory problems as well as many problems related to old age. Two days ago, it was known that his condition was alarming. He was recently admitted to a Canadian hospital in critical condition. As long as there was knowledge, I could not speak to him while talking to the eye. The doctors advised him to take quick intensive observation. His pneumonia was caught during this time. He was given artificial oxygen.

It has been known that, Kader Khan had been suffering from Progressive Suburban Polyclinic (PSP) for a long time. In this problem, patients lose normal balance and memory. In 2010, he underwent a surgery on his knee. He lost his speech due to the PSP.

On Sunday night, several Indian media reported that Kad…

The number of dead in the Philippines increased to 68

The death toll in the Philippine capital has reached 68 people. The number of dead is likely to increase further. The storm hit the last Saturday. Locally, the storm has been named 'Othman'. Today's news agency AFP reported on Monday that the number of deaths increased.

It is said that most of the deaths in the storm were in the south-east of the capital, Manila, on the hill area. 57 people died there 11 people died on the island of Samar Most of the deaths are flooded with water and landslides.

Due to the increasing number of dead, the director of the Bicol Civil Defense Claudio Yukt said that rescue operations are not completed in many places yet. So the number of dead may seem to increase further.

Civil Defense Office said 17 people still missing. More than 40 thousand people were left out due to the storm.

Every year twenty typhoons and storms hit the Philippines. More than 7,036 people died in the Philippines in 2013 due to the Super Typhoon Hygiene.

Un can not keep promises if the ban continues

In a speech on the occasion of the New Year, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un gave a new warning about nuclear disarmament. Said he is committed to nuclear disarmament. However, if the United States continues the ban, he can withdraw from the pledge.

His speech was publicized on Tuesday in the local government. Won said, if we keep the promise of not keeping the promise before the world and continue to put pressure on the people of the country, we will have to find new ways to protect our security and sovereignty.

According to the tradition of successor Kim Il-Shan, he gave a speech to New Year every year. Generally, in this speech, the people of the country are informed about the financial condition of last year. Observers want to get a glimpse of Pyongyang's foreign policy from this speech.

In a New Year speech, Kim Jong Un also said that North Korea pledged to not create, use and spread nuclear weapons. Take steps to implement the pledge. He is ready to meet again with Trump an…

Egypt '40 militants' killed in police raid

In response to the attack on tourists bus in Egypt, police said the '40 militants' were killed. The Interior Ministry said the police killed the terrorists in an operation in Giza and north Sinai on Saturday morning.

According to the BBC's report, the Interior Ministry's statement has mentioned the hideout of militants. Police carried out operations in those places. It is said that these terrorists were planning to attack some tourism areas, church and military personnel.

A bomb blast happened on Friday in a tourist bus in Giza on Friday. It killed three Vietnamese tourists and a local guide. Twelve injured. However, no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack. In addition to the Egyptian driver on the bus, there were 14 Vietnamese tourists.

The BBC said 30 militants were killed in two separate raids in Gaza on Saturday morning. The remaining 10 people died in the northern city of Sinai, El-Arish. In the statement, the Interior Ministry said the terror…

'Neymar's absence of ballon d'or scandal'

Neymar has heard of the club teammate Gianluigi Burfan? If you hear it may be a little less difficult to get his Ballon d'Or. What is the key to the buffalo? Neymar's absence of the Ballon d'Or Trophy is a scandal, the World Cup winning goalkeeper for Italy said.

Briefing with Juventus, he joined Paris Saint-Germain in July this year, breaking the 17-year relationship with Bufon. Coming as a teammate in Paris, young and emerging stars like Neymar, Kylian Mbabpeed. At present, Neymar, Embeppe's charisma buffan is a good understanding. The type of game standing in the goalpost is seen in different points of the game. With these two young forwards, he was born with another kind of fascination. The 40-year-old Italian goalkeeper, who says no to the Baron d'Or trophy in Neymar, has said, "I told Neymar that the ballon d'Or in your hand is not as scandalous as scandal. Beyoncé said that Neymar and Embap would reign in the next 10 years of football.

The trophy th…

Isco is going to be real!

Will Escrow be seen in the Real Madrid jersey? The answer to the question 'yes' and 'no' are both in the football market. If you are 'yes' today then you will have to wait for the next day to hear 'no'. In the last few days, it has been pouring water into the buzz of Real Madrid.

After being the head coach of Santiago Solari, the Spanish star has got place in the starting XI of only two matches. This Spanish, despite being a very skilled attacking midfielder, did not get enough time to field. And it rumored that Escrow was preparing to leave Spain for a five-year relationship with Real Madrid. The Spanish press 'Marka' said that the next address for Isco may be France. PSG is interested in buying this.

Isco has played only 18 matches in all competitions this season. Of these 11 matches played in La Liga Which is incompatible with his name. The media said that PSG President Nasser Al Khayyafi met with Isacou's agent and his father. While the…

Peace and prosperity come in the new year Welcome to 2019

Welcome to2019 Farewell People of the world will also enjoy this new year with new hope, dreams and enthusiasm. It may not be too much time for a year after the march. Yet, it is acknowledged that the calculation of the year is important in measuring the success and success of the person and state life. The streams and times of the rivers are never constant. What we could do in the past year, what we could not do, its clear judicial analysis is to make the path ahead for the emergency.

In the past year, Bangladesh had to face many challenges in socio-economic, political and international affairs. Myanmar has not withdrawn even after pledging to return Rohingya refugees. As a result, more than one million Rohingya refugees, including the previous three lakhs, are facing the problem. Unfortunately the international community has failed to take any effective action. In particular, the role of China and Russia has encouraged the politics of Myanmar. We hope that in the new year, the worl…

Which is the best phone in 2018?

Every year, new smartphones come in the market with many innovative features. Some of these get a lot of popularity. When reviewing the smartphone market in 2018, several brands of smartphones are popular. Apple, Samsung, and Google's three phones have become more popular. The Senate report on technology website said that in 2014, the iPhone XR, Galaxy S9, and the Pixel 3 phone were popular.

However, Samsung, Apple, and Huawei gained prominence in the premium phone market, considering the popularity of the phone, the amount of market arrivals, its cameras and other components. Apple has retained its top position in the US market and Apple's sales of three phones have dropped. However, the Chinese brand Opo and Vivo shows the innovation in terms of innovative features. In the market of 2019, there will be competition among different brands in the smartphone market. Samsung, LG and OnePlus will bring 5G network supported phones in the new year. In addition, the folded phone can…

Khasogi would survive if heard!

One of the most discussed events in the year was Saudi journalist Jamal Khasogi assassination. 15 members of the group flew from Saudi Arabia and killed him on October 2 in the Saudi consulate building in Istanbul, Turkey. Turkey and the United States intelligence agencies have said that it is impossible to kill at high security places without state patronage. The person whose name came as a state sponsor in their report, he is none other than the influential person of oil-rich Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman Countries like Saudi Arabia, who are used to govern themselves according to their customs, without the importance of any other country's opinion, they also face the pressure of international pressure in this killing.

After being crowned Prince Crown Prince in June of 2017, the dignitary became angry with him. Jamal Khasogi, a close family member of Saudi Arabia, went to Saudi Arabia to leave for Saudi Arabia in September of that year to save himself in a wide r…

Huawei backs to Apple

Huawei, a Chinese company behind the US smartphone maker company Apple, has been behind the smartphone market. Huawei now slipped to Apple in second place. South Korean company Samsung is still the top smartphone market

Technological website Pocket Now said in a report that Huawei released 20 billion smartphones in the year 2018. The top smartphones sold by them are Huawei P20, Honor 10 and Mate 20 series. The company released 15 million 30 million units in the market in the year 2017.

This year Samsung has brought 30 million units of smartphones to the market. Apple is ahead of Huawei in the first quarter of this year, but the Chinese company has surpassed Apple as a whole year.

In the third quarter of the year, Apple's share was 13 percent of the smartphone market and Huawei's market share was 14.6 percent.

Huawei's chief executive Richard Yew announced the sale of 20 million units of phone by December after bringing 100 million units of phone in July this year. Hu gang…

Jolie is coming to politics!

As a performer, he made Hollywood rich. Popular Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is also thinking about joining politics soon. Recently, the actress has indicated the possibilities for the BBC.

Angelina Jolie said, even 20 years ago, she did not care about politics. But now he is thinking about it. On Friday, BBC's Special Secretary Angelina Jolie has been the guest editor of the program.
Angelina Jolie is working on several issues including the refugee crisis, sexual violence and conservatism. In a long interview with BBC Today presenter Justin Webb, he spoke about the United States politics, social media, sexual violence and the global refugee crisis.

Regarding involvement with politics, Jolie said, "Even if I was asked about this 20 years ago, I would have laughing." But now I have to do that, I'll do that. I do not know how appropriate I am for politics, it is a joke about whether the politics is absolutely in my mood. "He said," I can work with the gover…

Celebraties in one frame

Mahesh Babu wrapped a timetable of his up and coming film Maharshi and arranged a terrific gathering, which likewise harmonized with the Christmas party he facilitated, alongside his better half Namrata Shirodkar on Monday. Mahesh Babu posted another image from the twofold festivals, which likewise highlighted his associate Ram Charan. "Calendar wrap for Maharshi, a truly necessary

un evening with loved ones! #whatmorecaniaskfor #holidayseason #december," Mahesh Babu subtitled the post. In the image, Ram Charan can be seen taking the selfie while Mahesh Babu, Namrata Shirodkar, Upasana Kamineni Konidela, Krishna R Bhupal and Dia Bhupal assembled together.

Upasana, spouse of Ram Charan, additionally shared a look at what "Mr C's Christmas with all the stunning women" resembled. The gathering included on-screen character Kiara Advani and artist Kanika Kapoor:

Mahesh Babu, who was most recently seen in widely praised Bharat Ane Nenu, is right now making Maharshi …

Miley Cyrus got married to Liam Hemsworth

Truly, Miley Cyrus got hitched to Liam Hemsworth throughout the end of the week. The couple affirmed their wedding by sharing remarkable pictures from the function via web-based networking media. The wedding occurred on December 23. In the photos, Miley and Liam can be seen embracing one another. She wore a grayish glossy silk outfit while he supplemented her in a dark suit and a white shirt. "My affection," the 28-year-old performing artist subtitled his post, including a heart emoji. The couple met almost 10 years prior on the arrangement of their film The Last Song and that is the way the 26-year-old artist portrayed an image of them from the wedding. "after 10 years," she composed. "This is presumably our one millionth kiss...," read Miley's subtitle for an image of them kissing one another.


Prior this week, a few global sites revealed that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth may have hitched, after their companion Conrad Carr shared picture…

Anshula Kapoor Celebrates Her Birthday With Sisters Janhvi And Khushi

Arjun Kapoor's sister Anshula Kapoor, who will commend her 26th birthday celebration on Saturday, took off to Singapore with sisters Janhvi and Khushi. Anshula imparted a photograph herself to her sisters on her Instagram course of events and stated: "Mine" and went with it with hashtag "birthday week". In the image, Anshula and Janhvi can be seen twinning in dark outfits while Khushi picked a long botanical dress. The photograph shared by Anshula has been loved by Arjun Kapoor, Maheep Kapoor, Sunita Kapoor, Mohit Marwah and Ananya Panday. The outing was arranged in way that it consolidated Anshula's birthday in the agenda. It is yet to be found out if Arjun Kapoor, who is at present in Mumbai, will join his sister Anshula for her birthday festivity in Singapore.

Janhvi is the senior of Boney Kapoor and Sridevi's two girls. Janhvi's more youthful sister is Khushi Kapoor, while Anshula is Boney Kapoor's little girl with his first spouse Mona Sho…

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui Plays Balasaheb Thackeray

Performer Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who plays the main character in Thackeray, the biopic on Shiv Sena originator Balasaheb Thackeray, said in a meeting to news organization IANS that depicting the job was "extremely intense" and he needed to buckle down on it. "Getting the idiosyncrasies, his manner of thinking and disguising his vision to depict the character was extremely intense and I needed to buckle down on that," IANS cited Nawazuddin Siddiqui as saying. Talking about how he set himself up for the playing the character, Nawazuddin included: "I realize that individuals are discussing my look and the credit goes to the make-up artiste. A decent expert make-up artiste can give me the look, yet how I am depicting the character relies upon how I am getting ready for it… I have genuinely endeavored."

Sanjay Raut, who is the author and additionally co-maker of Thackeray, said that it was a provoke choice to sign Nawazuddin for the job of Balasaheb Thackeray. …