Cars Nineteen three new cars

Year-old cars come with car makers At the end of the year there are various motor shows. These shows are also given the idea of ​​what is the latest technology, as well as the future of cars. Several new cars have come in the country's market. In the car shop, customers are also gathering to know about the newly arrived private cars.

Brand new hybrid cars are coming in luxury cars and capabilities in attractive automobiles market in 2015. New generation at risk of fuel economy This report with the new three cars.
Audi A8 L
Among the luxurious car makers in the automobile world, Audi is one of Germany's largest. Progres Motors Imports Limited Bangladesh by importing Audi cars in the country's market. In the beginning of the year, the company has come up with the new model A-8 A The entire control of this vehicle can be taken on the back seat without driving. There is a touchscreen tablet on the second row. Through this machine, keep the seat seats warm in the winter, front …

Keep the hair strong

A common problem in hair fall is the problem. Men and women both have hair. But it is necessary to take treatment when there is excessive hair and if the matter goes to baldness. There is no end to worry about this. The first thing to know is that 50 to 100 hair fall part of the normal physiological process. So while combing hair, there is nothing to get in front of the hair in the comb. Hair is bigger by half an inch per month. Naturally, a hair starts growing up to two to four years. Then the growth decreased.

Masooda Khatun, associate professor of the skin and sex department of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital, said, "Dandruff is a big problem for all. Especially at this time when it does not want to dry easily wet hair, and this damped environment increases the spread of fungus. In the case of boys, hereditary cause, androidogenic hormones, anxiety again, malnutrition in women, pregnancy-milking the baby, extra diet, hair is used to use different types of cosmetics. Hair l…

Priyanka proves to be 'not pregnant'

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra married US pop star Nick Jones on December 1, 2018. At that time many of Bollywood-Hollywood had said Priyanka's fetus. So he decided to marry so soon. This rumor was before marriage. This time he gave his open answer. In an interview for the first time after his marriage, he was confronted by American social activist and activist Allen Dijonres.
Elen asked him, what else is there besides the goodness of Nick's decision to marry each other? Priyanka is going to be a mother, is not that true? After that, Priyanka said that she will prove that he is not pregnant in front of television at this time. If he had such a good news, he would never have concealed it.
Priyanka said, at the request of Ellen, "I would never even touch alcohol if I had an infant." Have faith in this time?

open vidya

Vidya Balan has recently celebrated his 40th birthday. He is playing the role of wife of NT Ramarawi Biopsi. Next story, he will star in Tamil film producer Boney Kapoor. It is also heard that the famous mathematician Shakuntala Devi's biopsy can also work Vidya. This heroine likes to showcase herself in a variety of characters, but does not like to do too much with photoshoot or glam looks. If the photographer is Dabu Ratnani, then the talk is different. Vidya Balan has dropped a photo shoot with this renowned photographer Dabu Ratani on various occasions. The heroine is seen in the hot shot in the photo.
Vidya is very excited to see herself in the new hair style and open clothes. So he shared a funny video with his picture in his own social media. Dabu Ratanani is one of the most popular Bollywood actresses. Because, he has a completely new look, through the photo shoots. After the photo shoot, Duba himself shared the fun moments with his social media. Discussion is going on wi…

Messi is returning to the Argentine jersey before the Copa

Lionel Messi returns to Argentine jersey in March The news has come from the news media
Calling the country, hear Messi? A few days ago the press question raised. Probably his answer matched. Lionel Messi will return to the national team's jersey with Argentina's friendly match in March.

He did not try less. There is nothing for the club that he has not achieved. But the national team has repeatedly dreamed of Lionel Messi After the World Cup in Russia, Argentina took part in the voluntary retirement. It was about to return to Copa America. That Copa América, Messi announced the retirement of the national team in the final of the tournament, two years ago. It's almost two months back. Russia did not announce retirement immediately after the World Cup but was away from the Argentinean jersey, the five-time footballer of the year. The news 'ESPN' has revealed the possibility of seeing Messi again in the Akashi-white jersey.

Argentina will face Venezuela in a friendly…

Benzema becomes Real legends

In the Copa del Rey match last night, Zimbabwe scored twice against Real Madrid in the list of top goalscorers French striker Karim Benzeema
Those who support Real Madrid, or those who follow football well, will know how important Hugo Sanchez, Pako Janto or Emilio Boutraguenos are in the history of Real Madrid. The club's striker Karim Benzeema is behind the legend's last night, on the list of goals for Real Madrid. Real Madrid has more goals than just five players, more than Benzemo being the 'mockery' for failing to score almost regularly. Who can not score Benzema!

In the second leg of the Copa del Rey Quarter finals, Jirona got 3-1 in the semi-finals of the Santiago Solarii disciples. Benzeema has scored two goals in the team. On 27th and 43th minute, he scored two goals in Real Madrid's top scorer on top of Mexican striker Hugo Sanchez. Since 1985, during the seven years in Realy, in 282 matches, Sanchez scored 208. Benzema, who came to Real from 2009 to the…